Multiple mesh w/ skeleton in character BP running 2 animation at the same time

So I have a model with skeleton/armature, and i split it to two parts, upper and lower.
And then put those parts inside one Character BP, And then i parent the upper part to the lower part (because the lower part have the root) and also these two parts is running it’s own animation (so the upper body part run a fireing animation and then the lower part runs a walking animation at the same time)

Please tell me if it’s possible and maybe give me a tutorial link (if there’s one)

i would go about it a different way. if your only looking to do different animations for the upper and lower body then i would use a per bone blend in the animation bp. it will accomplish the task your looking to do and it will look much better. what a per bone blend does is it will play one animation for every bone below one you specify and it will play another animation on the others when needed. it also does blending between the two. so you could set the separation point to say somewhere around the waist on a humanoid and it will play you run or walk on the lower half and a weapon firing anim on the upper half.