Multiple Menu Widgets appear at once???

To further explain this situation, I basically set up blueprint for input Action mappings that contain a flip flop node to create a widget using the same button. So if I press M to open the menu, the menu widget will be created, and pausing the game, and if I press the M button again, the widget is removed from parent, and returns control to the player while un-pausing the game. I’ve done the same input for basically every other widget blueprint. Now the situation is that once I press the M button to open the menu, and I press another button such as P for the pause menu, and that widget will open up as well. So if this makes sense, basically, I can open multiple widgets at a time. I tried looking up listen for input and stop listening for input, but the input Action sections are only disabling input for one Action mapping, so the other action map[pings will still be enabled, there are still some widgets I can open when I already have one widget opened.

How can I properly use the listen for input correctly so that the widget input is only enabled once that widget is opened, and won’t turn on when other widgets are opened / active?