Multiple material texture (maybe stupid) question?

Hi crew,
I stuck with one (stupid) problem.

I’ve done car model, made textures for separate parts and on one texture i put windows/glass with opacity and fiber for the interior. I exported textures from Substance Painter as UE4 Packed with alpha on the color map but when I import textures and make materials I can’t get my windows transparent?! I tried to make material masked and add RGBA from color map to opacity mask on material, but i get some weird results (my glass isn’t transparent but other parts are transparent).

Should i separate glass from interior material and make spearate texture for windows or is there any way to make this texture work as it supposed to be?
I know it’s a pretty noob question but i came back into UE after a long time so i forgot how things work :frowning:


i would separate the windows because the material required for glass (transparency+reflections) is pretty costly. so yow would have a normal separated material for car body / everything else and one for glass.
you need to scroll down to the transparency tab in material editor and switch to either surface volume or forward shading to make it a proper glass material

Thanks a lot, m8!!!
I thought to separate glass but also thought that it can be done on the other way.
I’ll separate it definitely.