Multiple login solutions

Hi everyone

I don`t know if the title describes exactly what I want to know but I will explain it in more detail here.

I want to know if there is a wait to create a multiple login system for example.

My company want to get an income source from 3 ways or that our game will be sold on 3 different platforms on PC.

Epic store
game website

So I want to create a login system that you can either login from say an account that is created on the game website or your epic account or steam account. Is there any tutorials where a can see how to set this up of if someone can help me I would really great full. I`ve been thinking about this a lot and I just keep hitting a stone wall.


Whatever login system you create it would be the same for each of those stores, it’s not necessary for it to be different. The stores are only a way to sell the game to people, what you put into the game is up to you.