Multiple Levels

My current project has multiple levels. How do I set the order in which the levels appear in game?

You just need to go through your levels and literally add a trigger to change the levels (you would go to level 1 and add a trigger to change to level 2, in level 2 to change to 3, etc.)

Here’s an example video (done by Tesla on the forums here, not me) showing you how to accomplish this in about 30 seconds in blueprints.

Thanks that helps a ton.

This video was handy since I too had a similar question. This brings me to my next question: would Tesla’s map change tutorial be an efficient way to load thousands of levels in a multiplayer world? A game that comes to mind is Maplestory, they would have these portals (Example: where the players could use to travel throughout the world.

In regards to networking, how would I create something that is similar to Maplestory’s persistence data? (not making an mmo, just testing things. I want to figure out how data is saved in multiple levels) How should I save and update data throughout multiple levels? Would I configure my server to have all the levels loaded up ahead of time and then stream the updated information to the players?

What I am trying to achieve: I am in level 1 and I dropped a banana on the ground and then I enter level 2. If a player from level 0 enters level 1 for the first time, he should be able to see the banana.

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