Multiple levels


I’ve been working with UE4 for a while now but so far all of my projects have been contained into a persistent level.

Right now I am trying to recreate an art gallery and would love to create different levels for the different exhibitions this gallery has had through the year. Ideally some of the elements, such as walls, floor, ceiling, would remain at the same place and be reused for all the levels. I’m thinking the structure would be something like:

Persistent level>IntroLevel
Persistent level>Exhibition 1
Persistent Level>Exhibition 2

How would this work in UE4? Can anybody point me to some good tutorial or documentation regarding this topic?

Best regards!

Hi!About multiple levels and level streaming i recommend you to take a look at content examples(you can download this project from Epic Launcher),about the hierarchy that you write, i think the main question how it looks like and what and how you will go from level to level and how you will display them to the final user by loading them dynamically

I would suggest you to use Level Streaming framework built directly to Unreal. You can control it via Blueprints or setup Streaming Volumes as sub-levels depending on what your level looks and where would be good places to position them. If you have separate (visually) disconnected areas I would go with streaming volumes as that works on it’s own when setup.

Great, thanks for the pointers!