Multiple levels

So in my game i have level 1 and everything is spawned as you play also achivments are just for that particular level. But now i have 25 levels and 25 different maps. Is there a way to make multiple maps in 1 map?

Can you be a bit more specific? You want all the maps loaded at once, or what?

So i have level 1 map than level 2 map than level 3 map and so on. Now i have 25 maps. and if i want to add more maps i have to create more levels. How do you manage this? something like cany crash it has more than 1000 levels. how they do this?

But it’s ok if they’re not all loaded at once. Are you trying to load them all at once?

Sorry. What i meant was doesn’t it take a lot of space? Space is the issue.

Level Streaming in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation