Multiple levels with world composition

I want to have two separated missions with two different maps but after enabling world composition there’s only one persistent level and I can’t change it thus, I can’t design a different map in the center for the second mission. Does anyone have any idea what should I do?

Use the persistant level for your environmental effects and the terrain. You can create sublevels of or on your landscape that contain the content you want spawn when something needs to happen, perhaps you have a quest content that pops up at a village, you would load a sublevel that contains the quest content. UE4 or 5 provides near native support for layers and sublevels.

Basic information

Here is another option

Thanks for your answer, but these documents are only working if world composition is not enabled, for example right-clicking on a sublevel doesn’t give you the option to change streaming method to blueprint. Does this mean I have to make a huge world and use streaming distance, or is there another way around it?

Persistent levels are auto-detecting previous levels if they exist in the same folder or in a subfolder so if you make a folder inside your map folder and put the new map there, and open the new map you’re getting an empty and new persistent level