Multiple Level Sequences start in middle?

Hello! (WORKING IN UNREAL 4.24.3)

I have 5 level sequencers in my map that all trigger different actions, through different trigger boxes. For some reason, the sequences are locked in their middle point when you try to play the map. Even weirder, when you open a specific sequencer, the object goes to its first frame of the sequencer, which it should be, But the other 4 sequences appear in the map as if they are half way through the animation. Here are my q’s,


  1. Can you have multiple level sequences in a map, as long as you call them correctly?
  2. What the hell is going on and why do they appear to start in the middle of their sequence. I will put some photos down below so you can see what I am talking about.


  1. the picture with the gate up is with the correct sequencer open
  2. the picture with the gate half open is when another level sequencer is open
  3. the blueprints are just how I am calling the sequencer to play

ALSO: I tried setting a start frame with blueprints, but the only thing it lets me do is set a timeline frame which wont connect to any blueprints. PLEASE HELP its actually killing my brain and Ive been googling for the past two hours

I’m having the same problem in version 4.27.2, cause I have 3 different level sequencers in my level, and when I activate one sequence, the others refuse to play on the first sequencer is played, but if I active a different sequencer while another is active, the second one begins to play as well.