Multiple Level Blueprint Trigger volumes not working properly

I have created several trigger volumes in my level. I created all the logic within the level Bp. Most of the trigger volumes are working as they should. There are a couple that only work if I use the “Play from here” option really close to them. So is there a limit to how many Triggers you can have within your level Bp? I am using Unreal 4.20 on this particular project.

Going to need a screenshot of your level bp to really know but just taking a guess, you may find that using getAllActorsOfClass node will not discriminate the order it picks up references to your actors in the scene. So to get a direct reference instead, select the actor in the scene, go to the level blueprint, rightclick, at the top of the context menu should be a reference to your actor.

Here is a screenshot of one of the triggers

@WildEd I think you’ll find they all trigger correctly. Like @NotSoAccurateNo1 I’m suspecting your ‘actor has tag’ code. Try it without that and see where you get to.

In my experience, the volumes firing too much is the main problem, not the other way around…

Instead of using tags, why don’t you compare to the actual class of the object?

The reason for using tags is because I did not want other actors tripping the triggers. I have tried doing this several ways and still have not had any success. It is strange because when I first created these they all worked. Nothing was changed and I did not update the engine.