Multiple landscapes in one larger

Hey guys,

Not too sure that this is the right sub forum so if it’s not I apologize and mods feel free to move it. But my scenario is I want to create a 3km x 3km level that is a small town broken up into 4 sections, houses, highway, forests and say lake that all require a different base material. But when I create a landscape I can only add one type of material on the landscape but I want to have four different kinds of material that blend into one (see the attached picture). Is there a way to sub divide a landscape into smaller parts so I can add ground materials to each part that I want or would a better way to do it be to create four individual levels and then stream the levels?


cant you just make 4 smaller landscapes and put them together?

You can use multiple landscape actors in the same scene, absolutely no problem. You probably want to set higher resolution for your houses and lower resolution for the other 3 landscapes. I always use 2 landscape actors, one for the more detailed area and one for the outer area with less detail and resolution.

I’m a bit confused with what you say are your base materials? - I hope you don’t mean ONE big texture for the whole landscape actor? That’s not how it works. You would have a tiling grass material, a tiling dirt material, etc. Then you paint the path onto the grass material to create a blended path. I usually try to keep the amount of materials used to 4 per landscape but you could use more. I find the documentation on this site here for landscape a bit confusing especially the material part of it. Maybe there are some example levels you could download from epic.

If you have big textures for the 4 areas you would be better off using a static mesh (or 4 if you want to) instead of landscape.

Also maybe look into world aligned materials that let you blend different meshes or landscapes that intersect with each other without any clearly visible seems. This isn’t the best example:

Sorry for the delayed response but I never got a notification that people responded to this thread.

How would I go about creating a landscape uses multiple materials? I’ve tried looking everywhere online for tutorials that show me how to create multiple landscapes under the one level and it’s killing me. Onto my question, let’s say for example if I wanted to create a rock/dirt hill surrounded by grass like in the picture below, how would I go about doing this? Alternatively can I create one big landscape and then subdivide it into smaller pieces? Could you post some tutorials on how to do this?

I’m asking this because i’m creating an open world and I have a forest that I want to go into a rocky area then a car park and then to a road and then to an industrial area, I will post pics of my forest when I get home to give you a bit more context.

EDIT: I’m not asking how to make a mountain but how to make multiple landscapes with different materials OR one landscape where I can have multiple sections sub-divided so I can add different materials to each sub-divided section.

You use the landscape actor. Have you checked the documentation?

You can use one landscape for your entire scene or divide it into sections. It is entirely up to you. If the area is really big it might be easier to manage having multiple terrains. Look for “natural” things to hide the seams, like under a big road.

In a nutshell:

  • You place a new landscape actor in your scene. There are different resolutions and sizes so you choose one that fits your needs. (You probably only know while you are working on it if it was a good choice so just do a quick test before you go into too much detail.)
  • The landscape will be all flat so you can start “sculpting” the height or import a heightmap if you have one.
  • You create a special landscape material. It contains multiple materials that are blended with special nodes. There isn’t a clear limit of how many materials you can use. I never used more than 4 myself on one landscape actor.
  • Then you start painting your landscape. It all happens in the landscape mode. You select one of the blended materials and paint with the mouse.
  • Finally you paint foliage (grass, trees) with the foliage tool where needed. (There is also a different method to paint meshes with the landscape materials but it is a bit experimental with no clear documentation.)

Thank you so much, I finally got it working. Big thank you!