Multiple landscape materials

Hi, I’m new to Unreal Engine and trying to comprehend why Epic would make it so complicated to paint landscape. It’s annoying having to create a new material from existing material textures and the whole Layer Blend node system can get pretty complicated and messy with just a few textures.

Instead of assigning one Landscape material with a messy blueprint, I believe the Landscape actor should just have an array of different materials you can assign in its properties and use in the Landscape Paint tool. This would be so much easier and less complicated + messy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I very much rather Unreal Engine over Unity but this has been bugging my workflow a lot, especially when it comes to Quixel Bridge and I’d super appreciate if this could be changed for when Unreal Engine 5 fully comes out.

Turn your materials into material functions with MakeMaterialAttributes as output, then call the functions / assign the materials to the layer inside the “master” landscape blueprints.

You want to avoid multiple materials per mesh in general, as every new material is a drawcall.

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