Multiple Key Input for Add Force to Character


I started UE4 for 2 weeks and I would like to add a custom gameplay function in my FPS template.
So to be simple I would like something like this : If (A + B) are down for 1s + C and If (D + Mouse X to Right) = Add Force after 0.2s

I’m stuck in the blueprint, to be honest is a bit complicated and I don’t know if I need to use Force or Launch Character or something else, I would like to add a longer jump and speed. (add force or add velocity ?)

Thanks !

Try using axis mapping (in project settings). The red nodes are my axis mappings where it just uses 1 to -1 as forward or back and the same for left/right. The forward and right vector bits are just pulled from the camera object. You might be able to utilize this and put a few extra conditions in there to test if two keys are held down and if true, pass to 0.2 second delay node then it adds movement. Also click on your character movement to see some additional options related to jump, speed ect. That is, the character movement (inherited) within the component tab.