Multiple instances of getting mouse input seems to break mouse axis inputs in default player pawn. Why?

So I am playing around prototyping an idea when I came across this little curiosity. I am using the FPS starter template (with the tennis ball gun and everything) and haven’t touched the input axis nodes for mouse movement on there. However on my level blueprint as soon as I connect that branch node to the SetWorldRotation node it completely breaks the mouse input in the FirstPersonCharacter bp. I have a mechanic that involves possessing a character and seeing things through their eyes. The characters are just actors that move on a set timeline, they are not pawns that can be possessed and controlled. Here what I am trying to connect up is code that recognises when the player is hooked to an NPC and then get mouse controls for the player to move that NPC’s (actor) head. The values are probably all wrong with the clamps and what not for what I want, I had just copied it from a tutorial project. When I “sightjack” the actor I can move the head of the actor just fine however up until that point where I am walking around normally in first person I can not look around with the mouse at all. Is there something I am missing in how I can keep mouse inputs for regular movement while still having mouse inputs change the rotation of a scene component when certain criteria is met?

I tried separating the head of the actor into a separate class - a pawn this time. I was going to change it so the player simply possesses the head. Problem I have with that is that the head also looks around to keyframes on a timeline and now I can’t figure out how to rotate the pawn when the player is not possessing it. Early research into this problem suggest this is not a thing, according to the internet, and that pawns can’t be manipulated in this way unless possessed.

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