Multiple images per frame

I have been going through there. I started with trying to call function multiple time but it wasnt giving me multiple outputs. After long I went into framegrabber.cpp and watching a few values i realized that the images were sent but because they had the same file names generated it caused overwrite. Thats why I was unable to see them. So working ahead from there now.
I still need to know how the processing of “Custom Render Passes” work. Cant track it’s code either. All I could find was how to set settings for that in the end xD

Oh and also that, View Extension is what plays a huge role in this. Or thats what I am assuming based on what I’ve read in code. I would still like to have a better understanding of the pipeline.

Well I did modify the file names and all. And it did capture alot of images. Only problem is, none of them were on same frame.

Hello, Ive been going through code for a few days for sequencer and figuring out how sequencer captures a frame and trying to capture 2 images of the same frame. But other then what code is executed and how, i hvn’t been able to figure it out. I need some help to achieve what i am trying to do. I know there will be a performance hit but thats fine. Whatever guidance given would be great. Also I’d like to know where code for custom render pass is as well. Maybe that’ll be a good study for this as well

Take a look through MovieSceneCapture.cpp. In particular, CaptureThisFrame().