Multiple image detection with ARKit

First of all I’m pretty new to unreal and iOS Development.
My goal is to create an App with the possibility to detect 4 different markers and spawn 3D animations (alembic) and 2D movies.

This was my starting point:

With this example I was able to spawn an 3D Object and an alembic animation. So far so good. I’m not sure how good the tracking is but that’s not my main concern now.

I created second Array in the Data Asset ARSessionConfig and set the Max Num Simultaneous Images Tracked to two.

I have one Actor for the animation (spawn) and one pawn for my image detection blueprint (have a look at the bp image).

Can someone explain me what I need to do to track multiple images?

I have a another problem to spawn a video. As far as I know I need to create a file media source, a media player, a media texture and a material. The material applied on a plan should do it right?

It would be nice if someone can give me hints.

Thank you!