Multiple Idle Animations


I’m wondering how to go about having the protagonist of my game have multiple idles at random intervals when there is no player input to move.

I have my Idle/Run Set up in the Animation state Machine (Removed Jump as it’s a grounded character), but I’m not sure how to go about having multiple idles or how to get them to cycle randomly. (I’m a Complete Beginner so if possible a dumb-bed down answer would be perfect!).

Thanks in advance!

It depends if you just would some adaptive animation to a part of your body (via some slots and layered blend per bone) or if you would play complete anims for the hole body random.

This is an easy (but by far not the only) way to do something like this. It ping pongs between a main idle anim, 2 anim loops and a further anim that plays only some short time and switches back afterwards … or switches always back to the blendspace if there is some movement (speed). Based on a third person anim blueprint:

Thank you for the reply, I’ll give this a go!

Works like a charm. Thank you Neutronux!
Just a note : animation loop by default in the state machine but you can uncheck this option.

What do you put in the return from idle nonlooping to idle/run? and the others? Sorry if it seems like a stupid question but I am new to Unreal Engine.

Just whatever condition should change the state. In this simple case of example it would be if IdleRandomizer == 0 (it’s what you can see on the right side). As you can see in the EventGraph this variable is set to 0 in case if Speed > 0 or if the delay from the non-looping anim passed. You could even enhance this with some other checks in the EventGraph (e.g. if isInAir is still set or something similar).