Multiple Height maps in a Single level?

Hey everyone. I’m working on a project for a client. I’m creating a large scale/open world landscape, there will be multiple medium and small islands for players to explore…To get the best results i’m using World Machine…But a thought occurred, Can I import multiple height maps into UE4?..(One alternative was to import the smaller islands as .FBX’s)…But i’d prefer the height map option if possible. (And I know I can’t use the terrain material I create for the landscape on static meshes)

I checked out the Elemental demo, it seems the art team did exactly what I thought about the FBX (obj’s or whatever they used)…That being said they obviously didn’t use a normal terrain material setup… I checked out the material for those pieces of terrain…Yeah, I’m pretty good with the material editor…But that was waaaaay over my head!

Thanks in advance for the help!

You can create more than one landscapes in a level and use different height maps for each of them, if you dont know that already. But you shouldn’t rotate or scale landscapes after creation, only move.

Thank you for the help Jacky.