Multiple Gamemode Game

I am currently designing a game with multiple gamemodes, like Battlefield or COD. And was wondering a few simple things:

  • How would I make a game using the same main menu’s with multiple gamemodes. I understand that when you click one of the buttons it sends you to that level, but if I have multiple levels, each with different HUDS and blueprints confuses me.
  • Anyone figured out to do animated main menu screens like in “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3”
  • I followed the Steam Multiplayer tutorial, but how would I do something more like a single option to join a Public Match. And are sent to a lobby(like in Battlefield or COD) to wait for others to join. I was thinking it would be something where it chooses the person with the best ability to host or something. But i’m not completely sure. Of course I will have to add voting for maps and stuff as well, but I can figure that out later.
  • I am figuring out how to do classes, again like BF or COD. As you may know, create-a-class is a multiplayer aspect. And I was fidgeting around with it. I figured that each individual player could edit those classes then be saved when picking in game. Also I want to block out items that are not unlocked until reaching a certain level. But i am still not completely sure.
    If you have any suggestions please reply to this thread or send an gmail to me at:

Hi [MENTION=745575]Cytosine Studios[/MENTION],

These are all pretty broad questions that are hard to answer - try to narrow them down further and show us where you are stuck. Its much easier to help you this way.

For your first question, Go to World Settings on your level and look at overwriting your Game Mode. Each level can then have its own Game Mode via overwrite.

I would suggest seaching for animated title screen tutorials on YT for your second questions.

Hope this helps!

@CoquiGames Thanks that helps a lot!

Animating title screens is fairly easy. Make a map and set up your “level” in the background. Make your UI stuff as well. After that, make a new pawn actor, with just a camera in it, and right click=>pilot it into place. Set the map to use a custom game mode and make a new controller/set the default pawn to the camera actor you made/etc. When you go to another level, it will switch back to your normal game mode settings.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Note, you can skip the level BP part if you have your camera pawn set to auto possess player zero. I prefer not to because the way I’m doing my menu is I’m going to have it randomly pick a camera and possess it. For 99.9% of other cases, you can just have it auto possess.

Custom game mode:
game mode.jpg

Custom controller:

Camera actor pawn:


level blueprint.jpg

up and running.jpg