Multiple forms of "destruction" on one object

I am working on a project in which characters have both ballistic and energy weapons. We want armor and shield (actual physical shields) to be able to be physical damaged and broken by either effect. Make items flake apart from balilisitic impact has been easy enough with destructible meshes and I know there’s at least a few different ways to handle the beam weapons causing clean round holes in objects, but I dont know of a way I could potentially do both. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi there @MercJones

I’m also pursing multiple ways to dismember/damage Kaiju, Architecture, and other objects in ExORION FTPS. I’m implementing various techiniques: Reversed Modular Construction (De-construction), Voxel Characters, Disintegration Materials & Decals.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at these links and see what I can learn.