Multiple Fade Tracks, (Different Colours) Sequencer

Yes, if you right click on the fade track section (the area where you put the keys), you should be able to Edit->Split the section to create another section. There’s a color associated with each section, so can set a color for each fade.

The user interface for creating multiple sections isn’t very intuitive. We’re working on improving that in an upcoming release.

Sorry, my bad. The sections are by default infinite - the sections are basically the key bounds. When they’re infinite, you don’t have to worry about extending the sections bounds when you add keys. Anyway, turn off Properties->Is Infinite will make them no longer infinite. Then, you can split one of them to make another.

Also, when the section isn’t infinite, you can drag the entire section and the keys along with it.

Is it possible to have multiple colour fades in sequencer? Looking to have first scene fade in from Black, and the next to fade to white.

If anyone has had any luck with this, it would be hugely helpful.

Thanks for the quick response. I’m not having any luck selecting Edit > Split.

I’ve attached an image.

Do you know what the problem here would be?

Thanks for the help Max!

I cant find the way to change the color of the fade in sequencer 4.25. Its so frustrating

Well I did it, very No-intuitive way but it works.