Multiple events (light intensity) with one slider?

Hi guys,

I have been trying to figure out how to control the light intensity of multiple lights using a slider, I have it working for one light, but cannot get more than one to work.

I tried adding a sequence node but that only triggers the light plugged in last, not multiple lights together, please let me know any ideas or thoughts on this,

this is the what I followed and have working


You can use an Event Dispatcher. Setup the Dispatcher in your Slider BP (I assume this is an actor in the world the player character interacts with? Or is it a HUD element?), give it a name like ED_LightSlider.

Go into your Light BP, here you are going to create a Custom Event, name it BindLightSlider, off this right click and search for your ED_LightSlider, choose Bind Event. Next, create another Custom Event, name this Update_LightIntensity, link this to the Bind Functions delegate pin.

Up at your Begin Play, place a BindLightSlider call, this will call the Bind Function and activate it so it will start ‘Listening’ for calls.

Now when the ED_LightSlider (Event dispatcher in your Slider BP) is called, it wall trigger the Update_LightIntensity event.

You should now have a way to trigger events across all your placed Lights without having to specify which instance in the world you want to adjust. Another method would be to use a Loop that get’s all the light actors and applies the Light intensity adjustments from within the Slider.

Hi! Thanks a lot for the reply!

So im not sure if I understand this, im using the HUD UI slider,

what nodes do I need to call the event within the UI?

And how do I correctly create the event for the multiple lights (with the intensity lerp function) inside the Light BP?

I have attached images, thank you for any more help on this, it is my first time using event dispatchers so I am a little confused ha

hi! Did you ever get this figured out? I’m trying to control multiple lights with a HUD as well. please message if you found solution. Thanks!