Multiple Error Responses in String Comparision Case


  • I’m printing text line by line.
  • I have special symbols in the string (for ex: @ # $ %) which I will be using to identify more about the printing text.
  • I don’t want to print special symbol in the printing text, for that I made a switch case of array and compare it to special characters
  • In the screenshot below you can see I’ve omit to add special character cases in the printed string.

Now the problem comes ! Unreal doesn’t give me output string as I predicted. For Ex:

String: % $ @ Hello
Output: $@Hello

String: @ $ %
Output: $%

String: @ Hello
Output: Hello

String: @$ Hello @$%
Output: Hello @

As you can see how absurd the output string is. I wonder why I’m getting random errors. I need help.

Hey! I found the solution to this problem. I needed to change the index number after I print the string. problem Fixed! :slight_smile: