Multiple Enemies Kill One Another While Trying To Kill Player, Major HELP

Multiple Enemies Hit One Another, Realistic, But Problematic, Enemies Kill One Another Instead Of The Player Only, Is There A Fix Or Am I Forced To Use Collide “Event Any Damage”, Thanks

Further Research Lead Me To:

Etc, I Also Heard About “Team Number”, Not Sure What That Is, But Tags Can Also Be A Way, Yet TO See How

I Believe This Will Do, As Long As The Tags For The Character Is Set To This, It’ll Be Fine

Although Once This Is Used, The Knights Do Not See Past One Another, This Can Break AI, So In Your AI Controller, Edit The Sight Preference To Sense Your Presence With Proximity/Amount/Closeness Of 525 (I Used This Amount) And Done, They Will Vigilantly Hunt You And No Need For Others Senses Than Sight