Multiple doors

Hello guys, I’m trying to make a shooter game, where you multiple tasks but i dont know how to make it, one of them is to open the door, after that enter in the room, close the door and after that you can shoot

Problem 1: how to check if the player has closed the door after entering in the room
Problem 2: how to lock the door until the player killed all opponents
Problem 3: how to see what door the player selected to enter

1: When you animate the door, it will be obvious to you if the door is open or closed ( in the code ).

2: Once the player is in the room, just don’t let them play the door open code, until the enemies count = 0 ( it’s an integer ).

3: You can make the door a BP ( much easier than controlling different doors from the level BP ). Once you’ve made the BP, you can just drop the doors in the level where you want. It’s a cinch after that to just give one an ID ( again, an integer ).