Multiple door movements with the same static mesh blueprint

I am trying to create a blueprint movement that allows my door to first - move outward on the X axis and second - move upward on the y axis. When I play test the blueprint code ive made the door works perfect but when I try to close the door it glitches out and snaps to the floor in the wrong spot. Id like these two actions to happen one after the other and ive set the key binding to F (pressed) to move the X axis and F(released) to move the Y axis. I hope this explains my problem, I cant seem to find any info on this issue.

Is there a question in there?

You posted two screen shots of blueprints, but without text describing what you want to accomplish, and what part you’re stuck on, it’s very hard to figure out how to answer.

I like your question and all those metaphors of life that you spoke in between, this is my answer…

For some reason my question didnt post. I updated it and in doing so it only let me keep one png upload so i kept the more important one. Id appreciate the help.

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Why u do that?
u can do only with one input

inside the timeline

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Thank you so much @Husky211 . It works like a charm