Multiple different instances Pixel Streaming

Hi, im making an archviz scene and i want to use pixel streaming to show my scene, the thing is, How can i do that if a new user connects to server, create a new separate instance to make a new experience for the user?


I don’t think you can. My understanding is that is just streaming the single render from the GPU on the server. You can have a lot of people looking at that one render, but you can’t render a different camera angle that would be required for a new experience for the user. If you really know what you are doing, I suppose it would be technically possible to render alternate frames from different angles, or use multiple GPUs in the same machine or something. But I imagine that would be no simple task. Plus it wouldn’t be scalable beyond two or three users at a time.

Not sure what your specific use-case is, but it might be better to make your scene fast enough to run directly on user’s computers if you need them to have different experiences at the same time.

hello, I’m doing something like this. I am able to run multiple instances of the application on my server. The new client logs in to the free instance. So far, I do not have the instances running automatically, so the server is fully loaded at all times. But that’s just a matter of scripting.
Now we are dealing with the use of multiple GPUs. So far, it looks like all the instances use only one GPU. I do not know how to convince Win / Driver to use all GPUs. Another option we consider is SLI.

Hi @Larraz

We launched a SaaS platform doing exactly what you need, I think.

In short, Furioos allows you to stream your 3D applications (like your Unreal Engine applications) and share them as easily as a video on Youtube.
We take care of the creation of virtual machines, the storage of your applications, as well as their scalability.
You only have a few clicks to give anyone access to your Unreal Engine applications.
No GPUs are required, because the calculation of the 3D application is done in our servers!
You will find a short video tutorial here:

The beta is free, feel free to test it.
One more thing: we now support the fantastic Pixel Streaming on Furioos :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

The Furioos team

Hi @Christophe.R

Thanks for the answeer and for the recomendation. my goal is to achieve is to upload my archviz scene to run on any device and anytime, i want to know if there is a limit of users on Furioos and if with Furioos its posible for a new user have a different instance from other one. And another thing is, i dont know how much people its gonna conect to my app at the same time, there is a limit for that?


One more thing, i just see the examples that show up in my account, i see that loads something, what its loading? its possible to see this in a very low smartphone?

Hi Larraz,
I’m afraid I don’t exactly understand what you say concerning the loading.
Do you mean you already subscribe to a free Furioos account?
Forgive me in advance … I’m French and sometimes get lost in translation :rolleyes:
Talk soon

Hi Christophe,

I uploaded a scene made in 4.21 and could start it without any problems. Well done. The only problem seems to be the mouse control I can’t use the mouse to look around when the mouse is hidden and the menus are closed. I guess that is something on the unreal side. I may need to add keyboard controls for turning. All widgets seem to work fine! Thanks for making this available.

Hi @S-Dot
Thanks for your nice feedback. I’m glad Furioos works for you :slight_smile:
Indeed, I think there are some details that could be fixed on the Unreal Engine’s side.

I’m impressed with your Archviz User Interface on UE4 Marketplace.
Maybe we could do something together such as adding Furioos compatible controls on your Archviz Interface (compatible with mobile and desktop)
I’m sure it would help our users to quickly share their 3D application to their clients.
We already have blueprints you can download as a source of inspiration.

Let me know if you could be interested.

I sent you a private message Christophe