Multiple Dialogue Boxes

After watching this video – Typewriter Text in Unreal (Visual Novel Dialog Effect) - YouTube – I have somewhat of an understanding on how to get text to type for one box. But now, I’m trying to basically get the program to loop while replacing one dialogue box with a newer one, with an integer counter determining what the Name and FullText variables should say when displayed. I did a bit of experimenting and found that the text does not type again; it just flashes newer text. I think it’s because of the sequence; in which case, I might have to reset the sequence (if that’s possible).

So, how do I get my program to type text per dialogue box?

Here is an example of what I tried to set up. But I’m not quite sure how to set the text to read what’s in the strings. I have one box for the speaker’s name and one box for the text dialogue. So, how would I have the message displayed with multiple dialogue windows in one widget?

UPDATE: I forgot! Here is the BP for the level map: Level BP posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine

I’ve done a bit of fixing up since earlier today, and now I have this:

Now, the first message does type. When it finishes typing, however, the message disappears then flashes back on screen as it turns on then off. I’m trying to use a For Loop and I’ve promoted its Index into a variable so I could use Branches to determine what the name and text messages should say per Index number. But something tells me I’m not doing it right. Any suggestions?