Multiple Controllers one game

Hello, Sorry to bother you all but I have a problem and I’ve searched everywhere and I cant find the answer to control multiple characters with different controllers.

So I’ve tried in the level blueprint to possess a pawn that is linked to my character and assigning it with a get player controller node but that didn’t work.
I’ve tried just making the logic in the character BP itself and put the index to 1 but again no go.
I’ve tried creating a player node and then enable input in that same character and again no go.

I really don’t understand the logic that is needed to make a second controller posses a different character. Can someone help me out please?

thanks in advance

Do you want a second player to handle a different character than the first player ?

Or do you want your player to be able to control multiple characters?

For the last question it is quite simple:
Build up the “Possess” logic on the player controller. You can even go for the level blueprint, that might work. Get player controller [0] possess [target character].

I’m trying to make a fighting game, and I would want 2 controllers controlling a different character.
The possess thing I’ve also tried but doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been literally looking all day for a solution which I thought would be a quick fix but I guess it isn’t.
I’ve seen a lot of people asking the same thing though.

thanks for the answer though!

I think this is the thing you’re looking for:


Make sure you have created player 2.

And turned off the 2 Player split view. How can I turn off splitscreen mode with several locals players? - UE4 AnswerHub

I’ve also seen that video, he doesn’t cover how he can controle both characters though and that’s the missing link I’m looking for :D.
I did that and with the create player and it will spawn an instance of my character but when i try to move it it doesn’t work.

When I try the second input it doesn’t fire off which is really weird.
I’ve also put on and off the split screen to check if that create player is actually looking throught the my second character and it is, so I’m at a real loss at what’s the cause here.

Why is controller id ‘-1’?

Because it will take the next free available controller.

So, I think the problem lies somewhere in the fact that only my first character is able to recieve input. If I put the same input in my second character it doesn’t get fired. So now the question is why does this happen?
Only the character with index 0 can use the inputs set in the project settings?

Solved, You actually needed 2 joypads to test this.
Keyboard and controller will register as player 0.
Found it out by looking at this answerhub post: 2nd player gamepad - UE4 AnswerHub

Thanks for linking that.