Multiple control types for one Character Pawn

I am making a third-person shooter in Unreal and I am trying to have it so when the player enters cover, the controls change. I started out with the third person blueprint and made some modifications to the controls; the left control stick turns the character and makes him walk in that direction, the right control stick rotates the camera. When the player enters cover, the player should move along the wall like a magnet and when he presses the cover button, he goes back to original controls. Also, when the player is standing and holds a button (A button), they go into an all-out sprint in the direction they’re facing.

There are three different controls: standing, sprinting, and in cover. How would I go at having separate control types Should I have child actors or separate blueprints just for controls? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can provide more information if needed.

your best bet is to branch input handling for each button/key based on your current state. just throw in some conditionals on the button/axis input events and handling it appropriately.

What I did for this is create ‘stances’ or ‘modes’ which the player can enter. These control everything from cameras, how movement and interactibility. I’ve got an array of stances (which are based on UObject) and a variable linking to the active one. Each input in the character thunks it to the stance object which then does whatever with it. Each stance object implements things like moving left/right, what jump does, etc.

I chose to mix both your ideas together into one; I’m using branch statements and setting stances for the player when they’re in cover, walking, sprinting, or whatever I’m having them doing. So technically you’re both right, but I have never posted a question here so this is all new to me, and I can only say one is the answer.

I appreciate the help either way.