Multiple collision BPs in level, only first one works

So I’m running into an issue and I have a feeling there’s something really basic that I’m missing. I have a blueprint actor with nothing but a collision box in it and two events, an actorbeginoverlap and actorendoverlap driving a boolean variable. I’m then casting into my character BP to use that boolean to drive some other stuff. The issue is that the boolean is only updated on the first copy of the collision box BP in the level and doesn’t seem to work on the other copies of the BP. The weird part is that the print string nodes after the boolean set nodes print out fine on overlap, but the boolean isn’t set. Any help would be appreciated.

Cast into the character BP, run off event tick:

The box overlap BP and event graph:

And to avoid confusion, what I mean about multiple copies of the blueprint in question:

Do you mean the 3 instances of InternalCamera?

If so, you could try using Get All Actors of Class at Begin Play and saving a Reference to each–
Then when you Cast to their blueprint type on collision, check to see which of them was collided with and set a boolean specific to that one.

It is a bit more complex that way but it will allow you t handle all three overlaps independently.