Multiple Characters

Pretty new to UE IV. Does anyone have any tutorials they could share with me around multiple characters, equiping gear/weapons, and all characters being able to use the same animations? Ideally, I’d like to have 4-8 different meshes, on the same skeletan, that all share the same animations. I’d also like to have a character creator where the player can make some changes to a preselected mesh… skin color, hair, eye color, etc. But have any adaptation still work with all of the equipment and animations. Would like it all to work for multiplayer too. Thank you very much for any help!

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That is a pretty heavy project if your new to ue. Allready for single player is it a lot of stuff to do if you create all from scratch.
On youtube rayan lalay has a nice series about equipment systems. He teaches you the for modular characters basics.

Changing colors you can easily realize with dynamic material instances.

If you know these basics you can start implementing replication for a multiplayer system.


Thank you, seems like a great tutorial series! I guess what I’m trying to start off with is; can I have multiple meshes, assigned to the same skeleton, using the same animations. Or do you have to have different animations for each individual character (and unique mesh)?

I think what you are looking for is Master Pose Component vs Entire Mesh animation.

Here’s a writeup. The answer is yes - modular characters can swap out individual meshes (like boots, gloves, capes, etc) and still seamlessly animate with a master component.

Working with Modular Characters | Unreal Engine Documentation

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thank you Sir, I appreciate the help!

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