Multiple Characters per Accounts.

Hi, i am creating an online Multiplayers RPG and want the players to be able to create and save 3 characters per accounts. I tried to find and search for infos but without success.

Anyone able to hook me up with something for this?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Using the Unreal game save system (or your own save game system), simply save game files with a specific name for each character and use a regex to figure out the names of the save files or save the files in their own folders.
Make an algorithm that checks if you have 3 different names for save files or 3 different folders already to prevent more characters from being created.

But it’s said the unreal game save system do not work for online games (dedicated servers).
Is that right?

savegames are saved on clients, and even tho dedicated server is a “headless” version of the game, it should act the same way as if you were hosting the server and just sitting spectator

What you are asking for most likely can’t be done with just a simple tutorial.
Depending on what you want for your multiplayer, it can quickly become very complex.

If you’re fine with players having access to the save files, you can just extend from Unreal’s SaveGame class (Create a new blueprint class that inherit from SaveGame) and add the values you want saved for the characters and do like I said in my first post to limit the amount of characters they can have. You’ll have to figure out where the save files are located though but a quick google search should provide you with that answer.

If you want something more complex with player account, saves being on the server and such, it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder and I doubt you can get that done with blueprints alone as we are talking about using online service features here.

For this, you can save the data in a database on the server with a table containing the PlayerID, SaveID and SaveName. With that you’ll easily be able to check if there is only 3 saves for a given player using a simple database query. You would also need to have some basic online service features for user authentication. You’ll also need to be able to communicate with the server using HTTP calls and have a database to store the information on the server itself.

If that’s what you are planning to go for, then I recommend taking a look at the Epic Online Services which offers an authentication interface (…uth/index.html) and other nice online features before delving further into this.

Yes actually i am planning to put it on my dedicated server with Steam authentification. And no players shouldn’t have access to their saved or they will cheat :slight_smile:

Basically it should save only the SteamID as account name/file and in that the 3 characters.

If you plan on requiring Steam for your game then yes, you can use the SteamID as your player ID and Steam authentication for login.