Multiple Character Movement issue

Hi there!

I have been messing arround with Unreal 4 for a little bit, but I have found a weird bug in my Movement mechanics.

Context: With Left-Click I toggle between two Characters and with a Right-click I order the selected one to go to a given location. I use “Simple Move to Location” (see photos attached)

Problem: If the first character is still moving when I swich to the second character, the first stops and the second goes to the destination of the first :frowning:

I have tried to use the “Possess” node to set back the default AIController to the character when deselected, but this does not change a thing.

Does someone have the slighliest idea of what may I be doing wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Do you really need to possess character when you want to select it? By default Character stop receiving input when unpossessed (maybe I am wrong).
Why do not you try with a new actor, for example call it “InteractionActor”, with only Spring arm and camera and use Set View Target With Blend when you select a new character. This actor will be your “operator” or “controller” of other actors, so you do not need to possess them.

I thought about some days ago but could not figure how to make “AI Controller” work with Simple move to location. I will give it a try again and keep you informed!

It would be certainly poetic that, as in love, the solution is not to try to posess the one you care for hahaha.

Thank you!