Multiple car follow spline

I am new to ue4 and to blueprints. I am trying at first to make a car follow a spline but I have a few problems. For now I am only able to make a car mesh follow a spline (so wheels don’t speen). I have attached a sceenshot of my blue print and a my vewport. I have tried to use the sedan default car instead of the car mesh but it didnt work (it says I should use teleport instead of SetWorldTransform).

I also want to add more cars on the same spline like in this tutorial Unreal Engine4 Multiple vehicles follow Spline - Basic version - YouTube but for this I need to separate the car and the spline, I have tried but without success. If you have any idea how to do it or some tips or tutorials to Watch it would be really helpfull.

Thank you very much for your help.

Here is a tutorial I made about splines which has the spline as a separate actor from the mesh you are trying to move. Hope this helps! If you want multiple cars to follow the same spline, just repeat the code in the character BP in each one of your car actors.

Thank you very much for your help! I will have a look at that.

Hello again, I followed the tutorial but my car doesnt want to move :slight_smile: I used the default Sedan and I am getting an error message “Attempting to move a fully simulated skeletal mesh Vehicle Mesh. Please use the Teleport flag” what should I do? Thank you

Never had that issue because I never used a spline with the vehicle skeletal mesh, it seems that due to it being “fully simulated” (not sure exactly what that entails but likely the animations for wheels and physics for certain driving aspects etc) is causing issues. The error mentions using the “teleport” flag, so it would seem maybe the work around is to check the “teleport” box under “Set Actor Location” . Try that and see if the error message resolves.