Multiple cameras in one actor

Hello everyone!
In my project, the control is made by the buttons on the widget (I dont need moving component from character BP. So i created my own actor), and in order to see the world, I have two cameras in one actor. 3D and Orthographic. I am moving actor. At the moment, I can’t figure out how to posses the player into one of the cameras at the beginning of the level. And then in the process - switch between cameras.
Need your support:(

I’m trying to use Set View Target With Blend, but I can’t get the correct camera input.

Use Activate function on the camera. That should work. And then you can also Deactivate camera you don’t want to use.


There is another post here with a similar problem and several alternative solutions that you might find useful.


And yet another solution is to wrap a camera with an actor and use a Child Actor Component to add it to the actor needing 2 cameras. This way you can call Set View Target.

All these 3 solutions here will work.


Thanks a lot! That helps!

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