Multiple Camera Views for Virtual Production

I’m wondering if anyone has some ideas on best approach on setting up multiple views for different physical cameras that I will be feeding their Position/rotation to Cinematic Cameras in Unreal. When you run Unreal with the mulitplayer option like so:

You get 4 sperate windows that you can move around:

This to me is the ideal approach as those windows are going to be client facing and I want to be able to configure them with different cameras depending on the situation. For instance there are times where they only want to see one or two cameras while I can use another view to fly around the scene to watch the different aspects of the performance. It’s why I would rather this than the split screen approach that’s all locked into one viewport.

My question is, would I be able to tell each client which camera to posses but then let LiveLink take over the controls? Has anyone else tried this out yet?