Multiple Bullets to Ignore Each Other, but Collide With Other Bullets [Shotgun]


I’m looking for a way to spawn a shotgun style burst with projectile based bullets. What I’d like them to do is ignore each other but collide with these same bullets from a different actor (I’m reusing the blueprint that handles the bullets for every character). I’m looking for a way for the bullets to still be able to detect each other from different characters so you can kind of shoot them out of the sky.

How would I handle projectiles that ignore being spawned at the same time, but collide with different instances of themselves from other actors?

Thanks for checking this out!!

Hi Spoogy,

In the SpawnActorFromClass node there is a variable called Owner. You can use this to check if bullets should collide or not. In initial spawning function just set the Owner as your player and then in Overlap/Block event in the bullet blueprint check if owners are the same, if not, destroy, if yes, do nothing.

That should solve any issues with collisions etc.

Thanks for the reply, Mateusz.Wiech!! I think I got it, Cheers!