Multiple Blueprints & Network problems

I got problems with the multiplayer and the blueprints.

A. When play with 2 players in a single process at end the error report give illogical errors.
B. With a single process if for example you got billboards looking to the different users cameras that cause light/shadow problems.
C. When play as Listen server work with some errors and no idea why are these errors.

Well then this is my list of problems:

*Sorry the 2 first images are inverted 2 is 1 and 1 is 2.
*In the image is the reports and the setup of the Classes.

  • Why are a Client -2 ?
  • Why are more clients than players ?
  • Why sometimes the client pawn 10 is with the controller 4 ?
  • Why the are 2 UMG per client ?
  • Why the UMG have pawn but no controller or controller but no pawn ?
  • Why the character don’t have controller ?
  • Why the UMG function get owner don’t work ?

*The classes have a check of isValid because in the multiplayer don’t work as expected and sometimes don’t get the correct pawn or controllers.

Can someone help me with my blueprints or if this is a bug ?

You probably need to learn the full intricacies of UE4 Networking first - BLUEPRINT NETWORKING TUTORIALS

You need to understand these fundamentals first … once you do you will probably be able to sort out most of the issues you are experiencing there.

I know and i see that videos and docs but i got some problems reported last week [4.7.5] Multiplayer in editor input problems - UE4 AnswerHub

The multiplayer work fine for me in all cases but give me that report problems from the BP and give sometimes errors and other no, and no idea why.

Well nowhere in your blueprints do I see “Switch Has Authority” nodes and you are still “Get Player Controller” nodes in some locations.

In my experience and as far as I understand “Get Player Controller” is actually used for Split Screen games and not for true multiplayer. In my game I do not use “Get Player Controller” are … on the HUD - I use “Get Owning Player” on the Controller - I use “Get Controlled Pawned” and then do casts and check validity of casts from there.

So that is why I am saying … you need to make sure you understand the fundamentals of networking first … because right now your code is not true multiplayer and that is the reason you are probably seeing the issues you are.

Anyway … this has only been my experience while building my game and I am taught myself to never use “Get Player Controller”. For single player mode, I open a level as a listen server … so I am always in multiplayer mode no matter what … and I am yet to encounter any issues. Just this last Sunday I had 3 players on my game via the internet and everything ran smoothly … so I must be doing something right.

In my opinion, you should remove all references to “Get Player Controller” and replace them with the correct call and then run your tests again. HTH.

Well i got now in the UMG changed the “Get Player Controller” by “Get Owning Player” and in the UMG i got the pawn & controller the same number but in the client the UMG print 2 times and one is ok but the other have a null pawn and null controller why ?
And the server only print one UMG with the correct pawn / controller.

And about the controller and the pawn:
In the server i got x2 controllers and x2 pawn but the first pawn is controller0 / pawn0 and the second is null / pawn1 ??
and the controllers are the one pawn0 / controller 0 and the second is pawn1 / controller2 ?? and UMG x1 time pawn0 / controller0

And in the client i got x2 pawns, x2 umg and x1 controller:
The controller is pawn1 / controller1, the UMG one is controller1 / pawn1 and the two is null / null (empty) ?? and about the pawns the first is controller1 / pawn1 and the second is null / pawn2 ??

I got other problem with this other thing, when i create a match with the Listen server, my server got the character pawn value as true, but when the client1 enter to the match have their pawn as true but see the server pawn as false and that var is set as replicated by default and i need to add to the tick the call to the multicast to set as true.

This is normal, is a bug, is my problem , how fix this ?