Multiple Asset Rename Simultaneous

Codename MARS:

During a sprite explode of sorts. And in other instances, It would be nice to be able to rename multiple files at once.

Obviously you can’t name files the same. So what I think should happen, is like on many systems, just append a _# onto it
So in my attached image, I would rename to “Stone” and it would name “Stone”, “Stone_001”, “Stone_002” or something,

Suggested conflict resolution can be handled however, such as add extra qualifer, such as add Stone_002b or error the whole process.

As you can see in photo, I have 3 sprites selected and rename is disabled (it disables for any 2 or more assets)
2015-02-03 01_04_23-FatFlopper - Unreal Editor.png

Bump I’m struggling to find something similar, since using Bulk Rename Utility doesn’t appear to work. The Content Browser still shows the old name.

Hey Everyone,

This feature request has already been entered into Jira as: UE-5248. It has its priority set to ‘normal’ and is on our ‘to do’ list. Hopefully this is something that the Developers will consider. Feel free to check up on this in a month or so.


Bumping this up since it’s been a couple of months.

Bumping again. This could be really useful

Bumping again, found myself needing to rename a bunch of material instances!

1.5 years and still nothing. I mean c’mon guys.

Hi there,

I have created the plugin Multi Objects Renaming Tool (MORT):
Next version will support Content Browser and you can use function “Rename and Numerate” as you wish, so it will fix your issue.

Just watch the video:

Ok, MORT v2 is live now =) I will appreciate for your rates. Thanks.

This is a great article. You can use this technique. Beside this- I have a software for bulk rename. My software works with all platform. For checking my software go to and type- BatchRenameFiles Tool. Check the first result.

bump. i would like that feature native in ue4 ty

BUMP! still want this feature even now ~_~

bump, i just had to rename 25 assets after extracting sprites couse automatic “_” that exist after name of original texture. +1 on native feature in ue4. ty

I’m new here, but seems that there is not a single forum thread that was answered by actual unreal developers… seems like this Feedback for Unreal Engine team is a huge BS.

I mean c’mon… they can write at least something… they can hire a guy that could answer all small feature request and fix them if they are really good suggestions or am I wrong?

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Bump after another 2 years.
We need this, especially for Megascans, which can’t name assets appropiately.

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I created an Editor Utility Blueprint for that.
You can get it here, for free:
UE4 Editor Utility Blueprint (aka Blutility) for renaming multiple files at once.

Supported Unreal Engine Versions: 4.24 - 4.25
Usage demo: