Multiple APK's Google Play


I was wondering how this concept works with Unreal Engine 4. As all the information I could find doesn’t seem to apply to building APK’s in Google Play.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have an ETC1 version
And a ATC version

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you just have a version no and google play puts your newest version into production through developer console

I want the ETC1 version to work in general.
However some Snapdragon devices have issues with that version, the ATC version works perfect on those devices.

So I need the Snapdragon devices to automatically download the ATC version.

The problem is that both are ARM-7 versions.

theres docs on how to specify which version is used, the apps i have on google play use all when packaging this seems to allow for the greatest compatibility

The main issue is the Adjustment you have to make on manifests :

Read here the “Adjust the manifests” section and try to set a different manifest for each APK (ETC1 and ATC)

There is no link :slight_smile:

Sorry :slight_smile:

The weird thing is, is when I do what they say. Add the line of code for textures in the androidmanifest.xml:
<supports-gl-texture android:name=“GL_OES_compressed_ETC1_RGB8_texture” />

It doesn’t work with packaging.

I tried to change my manifest for multiple APK a couple weeks ago, and i was getting error in packaging. I think the UE Editor has a bug and don’t add the line on manifest in the right place.

I was fooling around again. Packaging it as “All” worked now and pretty much solved most of the compatibility issues. The game doesn’t work on every phone and tablet (especially older ones), but it works on most. So I’m satisfied for now :slight_smile:

Also using 4.11 seems to increase compatibility if you are not already, i released one game back in preview 3 of 4.11 and it seems to scale well across various devices compared to earlier engine versions, hopefully when 4.11 is released performance/compatability will be even better

Sounds great! Considering previous experiences with beta versions I’ll hold off until it’s normally released. Sounds good though!