Multiple Animations

In my game i now have multiple weapons, I also have multiple animations for the Skeletal Mesh that uses these animations. But what i need to know is, How do i go about making the different animations play based on the Weapon?. Any advice would be appreciated.

I did it with an Enum for my weapons …just Switch on Enum from there to kick out which animations to do from that weapon…really though Enum is just a fancy way of saying 0,1,2,3,4… so if you do an Enum or a few True/False branches in a row or just Weapon 1, 2, 3 it still can separate which Weapon you have out as long as you set them…Plenty of ways to skin this cat…

I have not really worked with Enum’s to much. But how do i get it to recognize to change the animation to i set the Enum inside the animation Blueprint?

say you push a button to play your attack animation…it goes into the enum and from there splits into different sections to play the animation you state…

an example of my game splitting due to the sword style my character is in…

Ok I think i figured out what you were trying to tell me so where is what i got. It works how i want it to but i fell like there is a better way to do it. Can you take a look and see if i should be doing it some other way?. So what it is, Is The game starts and you have your Rifle and the Idle for the Rifle. Then when you shoot a projectile it changed to the shoot animation then back to the idle after. Please tell me if i did something wrong, Or if there is a better way I’m still learning. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still learning too so I can’t say for sure what’s the “best”…however really all of the blueprint nodes boil down to 0 or 1…nearly all code does come down to 0 or 1 so whatever way you do it will likely be just as good as another…really about whatever works best for you and helps you get your work done fastest…so if this is working for you and you understand it easy enough to change it in the future if you need to I’d say go for it…maybe someone else will weigh in on this topic and show us another way but it is how it works best for me…happy it’s working for you… :smiley:

Ok so since it was working i went ahead and added a second weapon. And its setup the same as the last one, But now its not switching the animations like it should the way i set it up. So can you explain how to do it the way you did?. Or if anyone else has a suggestion i would love to hear it.

Ok its been like two days and i still have not been able to figure this out. But with no luck… Can anyone help me get this to work?

are you check the shooterGame in marketPlace, they last version have a weapon change. you can look how work the animation blueprint.

The shootergame is made with C++ not blueprint that is how they define their animation changes, I need to know how to do it in bluepirnt.

Yes… but no, C++ only change booleans, how the animations changed is done in the HeroFPP_AnimationBlueprint.


In the shootergame they have the same animation for both weapons. I need a different animation to be played for each of the weapons i have. I have been trying to figure this out for 3 days now but nothing is working.

Ok Here is what i need to do. I have two weapons and two sets of animations for each weapon. What i’m trying to do is make it so what every weapon the player has it plays the animations for that weapon. So far i have a blueprint setup for all of that and i have it all working for shooting and everything else. But just this parts is getting me, Im not sure how to do this. I have a Enum setup with my weapons inside it, And i have that setup in the blueprint. Can someway take a look at my blueprint and tell me how i can setup my different animations for different weapons?.

If anyone knows how to get this to work. Please let me know i really need to get this working. Its been about a week now.