Multiple Aim Offsets in Animgraph

I can get 1 aim offset working, but I want to use aim offsets for each type of weapon (rifle/revolver/machinegun) and one for the flashlight. They should only be activated when in the weapon stance which I have set as a bool in character blueprint and also an enum which sets up the animation to play in the State Machine. So I need to figure out how turn off an aim offset blend when it’s not needed. It seems adding a second one conflicts with the aim of the first one and I have not tried more than 2 yet.

Is there a bool for animgraph? Should separate floats be used for each aim? How would this be accomplished? I uploaded some screenshots of what I have (some nodes are disconnected cause they interfere, but flashlight is working by itself).

I solved the problem by switching the different aim offsets with an enum for each stance. Personally I didn’t need the Yaw except for flashlight animation.

Here is the solution for those interested. Now you can have as many aim offsets as you want and they will not interfere. I just have multiple rifle aims cause I havent made the animations for other weapons yet.


Nice. Thanks for sharing your solution.

One more example.

Would you know of a tutorial about how to set something like this up or could you create a sample template to show how to do this, I am very new and can’t find anything about having an unarmed and different armed states. just a example of unarmed, rifle and pistol or something would be amazingly helpful. I know I’m asking a lot but It’s the only way I can learn.

I like the second example. nice an clean. Going to need more bools for other weapons. Thanks for sharing.

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This one did not work for me for some reason, nkey possibly showing the event graph as well, thought im pretty sure i have it setup since my first aim offset works.


i know this is probably an old post but i cant see the picture any chance you can post it again?

Whoa this is an ancient post. I asked this Q on Epic Game’s old answers webpage, so the image is unfortunately gone. I still have my project and I was able to look at my AnimBP, but I forgot the context of this question.

Here’s an image of the ENUM I was using with the different weapon states independent of one another. Is this helpful or more confusing?

Sweet thanks I ended up just duplicating the blueprint and changing the anim class on button change but this should be helpful later