Multiple agents on navmesh, 1 agent type wont move at runtime

The second navmesh (orange) draws in editor implying the correct setup, but on begin play the orange navmesh disappeared and the car actor will not move. Any ideas ?

I have also added the agent page setup. ingame capsule collisions are set to those seen in the agent settings.


Are you using the crowd following AI controller by any chance? It seems the crowd controller doesn’t support multiple agent types. Changing back to the default AI controller fixes this for me, not that it’s documented anywhere.

The controller inherits from the standard AiModule.Aicontroller class. I did not have any crowd detour ect enabled when this issue occurred, although I have since enabled this and the issue still persists. Namely the orange navmesh disappearing.

Thank you for responding, anymore ideas ?


Did you solve it ?

Default querrt extincts should be larger than agents radius and height respectively

Did you manage to solve this issue? I’m currently running into the same thing. The Navmesh only seems to use the 1st supported agent and never generates the 2nd one (even though it IS drawn in the editor view).


Forget about it, this is hard-coded by Epic!

We got the same issue. As comments in crowdmanager.h says

 *  All agents will operate on the same navmesh data, which will be picked from
 *  navigation system defaults (UNavigationSystemV1::SupportedAgents[0])

It seems there is a reason to calc movement params on same navmesh

The code has a check which does not allow to use any nav data than SupportedAgents[0] generated

if (CrowdManager->GetNavData() != RecastNavData)

The function has it can be overrided and this check is disabled then, but with unpredictable aftermath to avoidance. Characters starts to move and can walk own navmesh.

I did not make a research too much, but when using crowds pathfinding works fine, it gets right navmesh, finds path on this navmesh and it was rejected only in single place. But i am not sure what would be with avoidance, because it seems it just projects location points on nav mesh generated for SupportedAgents[0] but it uses query extent from SupportedAgents[0] too for calculation, so crowdmanager thinks that character size different from desired, and that way avoidance is calculated wrong. So this can not be a real solution.

Just download the detour crowd source code and implement it by your self - not to mention that this is not the only caveat with the NavMesh in the engine.

Did you found a solution why the navmesh is disappearing at begin play?
I do not use detour crowd AI, and I think the problem lays else where. I see the nav mesh generated in Editor, but by starting game, one of two navmeshes simply disappears completely.

I have run just into this problem, has anyone found the solution?

  1. Setup your agents details in project settings under navigation system
  2. In your character search for agent and set same settings and untick ‘update nav collision with owners collision’
  3. Setup two different Nav Meshes to cover the area and pick a different agent each one supports - this will allow two different agent types to be used
  4. In World settings tab you can pick the default Agent
  5. Delete both recast navmeshes and then build paths from build menu which will recreate them with updated data
  6. Use Normal AI controller class if issues arise
    But should work correctly now.

I’ve done what you instructed step by step. I hadn’t tested the “update Nav Agent with owner’s collision” part until now, but it doesn’t seem to solve my issue.
Can you confirm if you, in a project, have an AI doing a simple chase to the player using 2 navmeshes with different “navAgentRadius”?

Thanks for you answer!