Multiple Actors to trigger one event?

Hey all, I’m wondering how to have one event (open level) be triggered by the presence of 2 actors, not just one, (2 basic objects attached to 2 separate motion controllers) within a single trigger box? Any help gratefully received, many thanks for your thoughts.

Overlap event on the trigger box.
a branch.
Check for the 2 actors by tag or something similar. Open the level if you find both.

Hey MostHost LA
Thanks for your reply, greatly appreciated.
I’m a little confused as to how to check for the two or more actors. could you elaborate please? or refer me to some documentation that may help explain it please.
Thanks again

Hey ClavosTech

Thanks very much for your reply, your time and thoughts are greatly appreciated. I have searched, watched and taken apart but can’t seem to find a solution which works for me. In the hope you wouldn’t mind answering another question please read the following:

What I have working is:

  • open level trigger from multiple actors, so when any one actor overlaps open level trigger we switch to the desired level

What I’m attempting to achieve is:

  • open level trigger from a specific amount of actors present, say 50% of actors, in current level overlapping the open level trigger area and 50% of actors not in the *open level trigger area would trigger the open level trigger. *Anything less than 50% of actors present would not trigger open level trigger.

Thanks very much again for any thoughts on this. I am an intermittent user and acknowledge there are huge holes in my knowledge. If you could direct me to any further reading, watching etc on this subject I would be greatly appreciative.

All the best


Many thanks for the quick reply, I shall try it out and get back to you.

Thanks so much for your help