Multiple Actors in one Matinee Group

Hey guys!

Having a bit of an issue with Matinee. What I’m essentially trying to do is animate a block of cubes to make a cool opening sort of doorway effect, and it’s taking forever because of a few things.

Firstly, adding keyframes. I seem to be unable to add keyframes to multiple tracks with control-select, so had to go through and add them individually. Due to the amount of cubes, selecting the keyframes also takes forever (no drag-selection?). So I tried adding them in groups (which I initially tried before I started doing them individually), 1 row of cubes at a time (they’re laid out in 6 rows of 4). When I add multiple cubes to one row however, and play the animation, it gets rid of all but the first one I added to that group.

Are these issues bugs? Intentional? Or am I just plain stupid and I’ve completely missed something? Is there any way I can group them and have them working properly? Or at least select multiple keyframes without clicking them all individually?

This is driving me insane!


Wouldnt it work if you attach the cubes to a single cube in the level and then animate that single cube with Matinee? If it doesnt work post a screenshot of what you are trying to do and maybe we can find a better solution.