Multiple Actor Duplication Problems

I am working on a tower defense game and have a grid of 8 x 8 squares (64 Squares).
I am trying to figure out the best way to go about duplicating my single actor that holds 12 towers in it that gets toggled on function and visibility.
When I add one to the stage it all works perfectly.
When I click and duplicate it on stage or drag it in again or duplicate the BP itself, it shows towers only in actor 1 place (Square 1) not in (Square 2).
Even duplicating 3 (Square 3), 4 (Square 4), 5 (Square 5), only show tower in first actor’s place (Square 1).
Thanks to whomever can assist me.

Added: I am not looking to make 768 towers/actors. Should be a good way to only have the 12 inside one actor on 64 spots.

Update: I have tried to spawn actor from class to make instances of the actor, but same thing happens. Even though I have 2 separate spawning boxes (A1 & A2) set on stage with each set to its own location as the transform, I can click A2 and choose from my menu, but it is shows up on (A1). If I do (A1) first, it obviously shows on (A1), then clicking (A2) using the menu, nothing shows up on (A2).

I’m starting to think that this place no longer houses real people or people wanting to make games whether a noob, or a pro. I would assume UE forums are for learning, and/or attempt at gathering help to work on a game, and/or collaborate with others on games. I have been a part of this system since 2016 and have had 38 people request to help me either with an attempt to change my company name, re-color my website, change all games to minecraft form, etc… When the whole time I was asking for help on a specific game.

I ask questions about issues I am having and have been called a troll, scam artist, and more. I ask for help and no one knows much of what I am asking because it’s not a pro site, but when I offer $ for help, I am an ******* for being so cheap on a pro only site. Is this a pro site or not? Prior to lately, I have been receiving comments on my questions that have nothing to do with developing games. As if they are just trying to up their post numbers. For example, I needed help on understanding and using procedural meshing, and the response was “You’ll need to un-dolinghty the eractheratme and align citros to compensate for irregularities.” I might not be that smart with game dev lingo, but I don’t think that was it…

Currently, I can not get a single response to any issues I am running into trying to make games. Considering, I make them alone, I would need to know almost everything there is to know about making games with UE4. Not sure if this makes me weak or not special, but I don’t want to be special or anything, I want to make games. If I have been shamed like I have seen others on this site, At least have the decency to tell me so I don’t waste my time… Sorry, I had to get that out after almost 4 years of this treatment. And I’m quite sure I am not alone here…
Thanks for your time, I guess…

2c: Start a new discussion for post #3 as it doesn’t belong here and it brings up wider issues with the forums… For now, work on improving your description of the problem and add screenshots if possible. Overall the UE4 forums are dying / dead. The air escaped once Epic decided the engine / community was mature enough and they didn’t need to show up anymore (save for engine release bug reports). Most users followed and splintered off into other channels like Discord. Ask yourself this question too: how often do you give back and help others? Try, as often as possible! Good luck!

Thanks for responding. I know the amended post was off topic, was just trying to see if people are out there with the same issues. It’s sad to hear about UE dropping in users or instructors. It makes sense considering it felt like it was a robotic forum. I do try to describe things in several different ways, I just haven’t i guess figured out what works as the best approach. I have commented on as many topics as I could actually help with. There is still a lot I don’t know, so I don’t have a lot of answers for some things. I will try to better help, but I see it as almost useless if no one is teaching what others are asking. I feel most of my issues aren’t just knowing the blueprints right, it is trying to remember everything I had accomplished to move forward and grow. As most who have attempted to make a game alone knows, it gets very lonely mentally and can cause a mental backfire and frustration. I have been to Discord and no one there knew anything about UE4, so I moved on. Wish they would make a better collab site where people can actually get help and have a real ability to make a team.

I only know what doesn’t work… :stuck_out_tongue:

Internet distance is evil, it might be the most evil thing ever… :smiley: … You encounter more fraudsters, flakes, fakes, trolls and scammers than anyone real (and capable). In general working with strangers on an [UNPAID] / [ROYALTY] basis isn’t VIABLE imho. However, I have seen the following work… 1. Co-workers that branch out after a successful crowdfunder… 2. Uni mates who create their own game startup. 3. Begging / borrowing / stealing, or working 10 jobs to pay actual pros to help with your game. 4. People who meet at IRL game jams and decide to make a full game after initial success there. 5. Solo Indies who happen to be the right guy at the right time with the right idea (lottery tickets have better odds). 6. A bunch of friends who happen to live in the same area and happen to have all the right skills and can agree on a single game idea through to completion (even rarer than a lottery ticket).

However, I think the greatest thing about solo work, is that you get to work on your own ideas exclusively, without time pressure or deadlines, (yours or theirs). As waiting for someone to complete a task can be even worse than being under time pressure yourself. But then again, I find game work quite relaxing. That is, excluding the obvious bleeping $#%#$ moments when everything is broken and nothing works. But hey, you get to set your own schedule each week and just come up with small tasks to try… Its still hard to finish games, as prototypes can be deceptive. And then you still have to make it a business and compete against all the other noise out there. In short, game dev is the greatest time-sucker ever! The amount you need to learn or know, its absolutely relentless!

I know exactly what you are talking about. I see it in roughly the same light. I was one to hope for that “right guy at the right time”, it never happened. lol Then again, I have tried to be that right guy too, just most teams already created are extremely unorganized and at burn out paces. I feel I’ve learned way too much and spent way too much time as well to quit. Not to mention, I find making games with my imagination is relaxing and fulfilling, despite as you said the occasional @#$% moments. Luckily I have been learning well enough to avoid such continuous @#$% which helps completing games. I’ve made 17 games and release (for free) 4 of them.

This game I am not currently needing assistance on yet. It might not look like anything no one else has ever done, I do it to keep my mind sharp on what I am able to accomplish. I can usually start a game development and get almost finished with the “hard stuff” to concentrate on design. But when I hit a snag or issue, I am too impatient to wait forever to fix and move forward to completion. I will tend to scrap or back burner the game and start one I contemplated could be finished with my current skills. Sometimes that still has walls/hurdles.

Like as the current Topic of this I am having issues trying to minimize work load and time to do things smarter not harder. I assumed i could place all of my towers in one blueprint and toggle each one to be on or off depending on coins. Done in a similar style as Plant vs Zombies, but with top down camera and less towers and a click and place menu instead of drag and drop. My kids love the game so I figured I’d make a fan made version since they went in a totally different direction with the 2nd game. If you happen to know a really good way I should go about this, I would like to hear. Thanks for the conversation too. Been so long…

No worries, I will help (assuming I can). But the way you’ve described the problem so far isn’t that clear. I don’t know Plants vs Zombies either if that’s crucial here. But I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t have all your towers in one blueprint and toggle them. Although I’d be asking first, should these Towers be Child-Sub-Blueprints or Components residing in a master board gameplay blueprint etc. EDIT: so took a look at some gameplay. How are you positioning the Towers or characters over each tile right now. Do you have code to show?

Okay, so I was able to come up with this.

I am setting the Tower Actor onto the stage in line of the squares. Click on the actor to get menu. Was trying to copy on stage 64 times and nope wont work. Tried to copy the Tower BP and rename it and it wont work either. Tried to use the Tower BP and set children actors of it on the stage and same issue. Tried to use spawning and it no work.

Here are my Tower Actor BP and my Menu Widget BP. Also here is a video link to a bit of the game and the issue I currently face.

Let me know what you would like to see up close and I’ll take a pic of it.

Just show me one of the objects to spawn, ‘torch’ is fine. What I really need to see is how the mousedown cursor code picks a tile or square, and then how that is translated into the spawn or location placement of the torch etc. I think you’ve done all the hard work here already by the way… :slight_smile:

Not sure what you are wanting. I did try spawning once, but it is not what I am currently doing.

As you’ll see, I have the Torch set by bool action in the actor where the torch is not visible. In the widget, I run through the script of asking if there are any other towers already set. If not, set the tower. (toggle visibility on the torch and flame).

I set the Tower actor BP on the stage square by square.

I was looking for a textual description of how you place your towers on your squares below the mouse cursor. If I was doing this I think I would have 12 Tower Blueprints and 64 Tile Blueprints - all separate. Although the 64 tiles could also just be a single blueprint image using xy co-ords to figure out where the towers should go. So how have you done it this far? You say you don’t have 1264 / 768 objects. So first maybe describe how the cursor picks a tile. You’re using Get-Hit-Result-Under-Cursor, or you’re doing a line-trace looking for tile objects with a tag to tell you their place on the 8x8 grid etc?

I am using On Begin Cursor Over. And I’m interested by what your function between the 12 towers and the 64 tiles are. But I would have to probably redo all 12 towers.

Ok, show me the next part after the widget tower selection done…

Not sure what you mean. The “Torch” selection is in the image above in post #12 and it checks if there are any towers already set then if not, toggles visibility and then sets that tower to “Set/On” for setting that a tower exists there currently. I do nothing else. To destroy the tower or toggle its visibility I set that tower to notSet/off. My issue is when I copy the actor on stage and move it over play the game and click actor 2, pick tower, tower is set in actor 1 spot no matter what I do.

Torch -> On_Clicked (Button-1) -> Get All Actors of Class (Tile1) -> Get(0)

So a lot of hardcoding there. This is the code for the first tile on the board 1x1?
Can you show the code for when the cursor is over the 8x8 square or another?

Tile1 is just what I called the Tower Actor. As I’ve said, that is all the code, I toggle what is inside one actor bp. Trying to simply duplicate the box on the board 64 times. Also tried to duplicate the actor bp 64 times and it still only shows towers on the first one down.

Here is the component and visibility parts

Thus why I am thinking I am going to have to make 64 of each tower, 64 menus, and maybe 64 spawn points if I have to use them instead.

Okay so I got it to work on 12 tower actors, 64 Spawn Points, 64 Menus. I obviously could not simplify it more than that. Would get better collision control for enemies anyways have 12 tower actors.