Multiple 2D Scene Captures as UMG Images?

Hey guys, I posted this earlier but I don’t know if I screwed it up or something, but I can’t seem to find my original post in my profile, so apologies if I’m just missing it. I’m new to how this hub thing works.

But anywhoooo, I tried to add Scene Capture textures to the image block in UMG as a widget so that I could, in theory, have 4 camera feeds appear in the viewport at once. When I add the scene capture texture, it just straight up crashes. Is this a bug? Should this be able to work?

Regardless, since it doesn’t, does anyone have any alternative method for creating multiple scenes on screen at once?


Yes it does work. The scene texture needs to be emissive then it will show up.

Thanks to Unreal Engine Reddit for the answer.