Multiplayer Widget problem

Hi all I need a little help with something

I’ve got this situation:

  • An object on a map which players (clients) can interact with (I use an input key for this).
  • Each player has an UI, when a player approaches that object, the UI is updated with a message (only on the client who approaches the object). This is exactly my problem, on the server this is workiong, on the client
    this doesn’t work.
  • The UI is created throught the PlayerController.
    I am really confused on how to reach the UI from the Actor Character.
    Can someone help me?

The interact action runs only on server and this part is working but I’m unable to make the UI part working.

UI doesn’t exist on dedicated server…
Your character on server have to notify the client which then execute action to display UI for client only.

Thanks for your answer. I’m not running on dedicated server.
I don’t know how to make this connection in client-host sytem (sorry I don’t know the name) because I don’t really understand how PlayerController works in this situation.