Multiplayer Widget Not Working for Client

I’m in desparate need of help with somthing that has troubled me for days.

Im trying to make a simple multiplayer card game.
At Event BeginPlay each spawned player creates thier own widget. Players are pawn actors.
I then use “Add to player screen” to make each players’ widget show up on thier screen. Screenshot by Lightshot

Each players’ widget displays four cards laid face up, a reject pile and the remainder pile.
Player 1 is on the left (server screen) and player 2 is on the right (client screen) Screenshot by Lightshot

The values shown on the cards on player 1’s widget are appearing because I created a binding to a text set in player 1’s event graft.
In the Player 1 widget bluprint I “Cast to Player 1” then i create the binding fuction.

The problem i am facing is that the binding doesnt work on the client screen (Player 2’s widget).
Player 2’s widget casts to the Player 1 pawn, the same way as Player 1’s widget.
The error i get is “Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property Player_1 BP”. Blueprint: P2Widget Function: Set Card 2P2 Graph: SetCard2P2 Node: Return Node”

Will appreciate your help.